Val de Sambre en Thudinie

Sambre Rouge 14-18 - mtvaldesambre©
Anderlues - ©L.Spitaels
Randonnée en bord de Sambre - @B.Empain
Collégiale de Lobbes - @B.Empain

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In our region the popular traditions mark the carnivals. Admire two extraordinary societies in Lobbes: the nonancourts and the hottes. Don't miss the Binche carnival, a masterpiece of human oral and immaterial heritage!

Our folklore markets that are held from May to August are the international pride of our region. From Saint-Roch in Thuin to Saint-Médard in Erquelinnes, via Saint-Roch in Ham-sur-Heure, our region resounds to the sound of the fifes and drums.

Our nautical tournaments in Lobbes and Thuin are a mix of sport competitions and folklore and reflect the jovial spirit of the population. The meets along the Sambre are all under the sign of conviviality and fun!

Marches de l'Entre-Sambre-et-Meuse - mtvaldesambre ©
Gille de Binche
Fête de l'eau - mtvaldesambre ©
Joutes à Lobbes - A. Kouprianoff ©

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